Post Judgment Remedies

If a Claim is Based on the Debtor’s Operation of a Motor Vehicle on a California highway, the DMV will Suspend the Driving Privileges of the Debtor until the Judgment is Paid

However, where the debtor’s driving privileges have been suspended because of non-payment of the judgment, the court can reinstate the debtor’s driving privileges by issuing a modified judgment that authorizes payments by installments. A judgment authorizing payment by installments should include the exact amount and date on which each of the payments will be made. The court clerk will then send a certified copy of the modified judgment to the DMV, who will reinstate the debtor’s driving privileges, provided the debtor also gives proof of ability to respond to damages in the event of any future accident. The debtor will be subject to another suspension if he or she does not pay in accordance with the modified judgment. As soon as the debtor makes final payment, the creditor must file with the court an acknowledgment of satisfaction of judgment and thereafter obtain a certified copy and mail it to the DMV, who will reinstate the debtor’s driving privileges.